The Promise Of Peace
Our Songs are written to give praise and honor to our LORD, and to give encouragement to HIS People
                Featuring The Karaoke Granny, Rene'Lenz,
                Karen Campbell,And Randy Mike Ranstrom
                                (The Lone Musician)
              Music Of Faith,Hope and Love,but Above All,
                                                "The Promise Of Peace "


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We are "The Promise Of Peace" A Christian family who write and produce their own inspired music.

Our Mission: To make this world a little better through positive,uplifting, Spiritual Music.To encourage and uplift others and help strengthen their walk with our LORD.To share our faith,Hope and Love for our LORD through our songs. (Our mission statement keeps growing!!)

We are Randy Ranstrom,Karen Campbell and Rene'Lenz.Two song-writing sisters and one very talented,lone musician brother,who arranges and performs all our music.We can be heard in iTunes,Youtube ,Google, and many other places online.Our sound is a little old fashioned,but never out of style.People of all ages appreciate our music. This is amazing to us , because we are almost senior citizens!! 

Lead singer,Rene'Lenz has been nick-named The Karaoke Granny, because of her many Karaoke performances.We sing at church,weddings,memorials,senior residences, etc. 

Rene' recently had a cancer scare and had to have surgery.She was told it may damage her voice.Her brother,Randy helped her to record all of her songs prior to surgery ,so she could live her dream of becoming a recording artist.

The LORD spared her voice, so she is still able to sing and has written and recorded many new songs since the surgery.

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Other Albums Available:


"Our Best For Our LORD"

Our 12 best songs now available on CD ,through mail order!!

1-Let There Be Peace 2-My Mamma's Prayer 3-Come Out Singing 4-Rachel's Lament

5- Just Knowing 6-Become That Light  7-The Lowest Servant   8-The Hand Of The LORD

9-HE Believes In Me,Too  10-Like A Beautiful Song  11-Jessica's Song-Your Family  12-A Cure 

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Rene'Lenz-The Promise Of Peace

P.O. Box 82215 Kenmore,Wa. 98028-0215 

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:Now available for download AND  through mail order.

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"Music That Matters"

 Songs:  (My Mamma's Prayer-So Many Miracles-Love Of Our Lord King-Come Out Singing-The Lowest Servant-The Strength Of The Lord-The Difference-Let There Be Peace-The Hand Of The Lord-My Precious Gift-A Cure(featuring  Karen Campbell) 

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Mail order: $12.50 Check or MO to:

Rene Lenz-The Promise Of Peace

P.O. Box 82215,Kenmore,Wa. 98028-0215



"Make It Your Dream"

Songs:  (Become That Light-He Believes In Me Too-Still,Small Voice-Just Knowing-Forgiveness-Behold,Your Mother-Ask,Stand Still,And Watch-Like A Beautiful Song-What Am I?-Well Done,My Faithful Servant.)  

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Mail Order: $12.50 check or MO to:

Rene'Lenz-The Promise Of Peace,

P.O. Box 82215 ,Kenmore,Wa.

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"HE Was There"

Songs:  (HE Was There-Did I Feed HIS Sheep?-Jesus,Walk Beside Me-Thank You,Father-One Of Your Angels-That's When I Pray-Thief On The Cross-Rachel's Lament-Waking Up To Glory-Will HE Find Faith?)

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Mail Order: $12.50 check or MO to:

Rene'Lenz-The Promise Of Peace

 P.O.Box 82215

Kenmore,Wa.98028-0215  (Specify Album Name)







Our Mission:To Promote Peace through Positive,Uplifting Spiritual Music.Words can make a Difference,Music can change the World.

Thank you for visiting our Website.The Promise Of Peace.