The Promise Of Peace
Our Songs are written to give praise and honor to our LORD, and to give encouragement to HIS People
                Featuring The Karaoke Granny, Rene'Lenz,
                Karen Campbell,And Randy Mike Ranstrom
                                (The Lone Musician)
              Music Of Faith,Hope and Love,but Above All,
                                                "The Promise Of Peace "

 Rene'Lenz-lead singer ,pictured above, has been writing songs all her life,and brother Randy Ranstrom puts together her music .We started out as a Country-Rock trio, but when we were called by our LORD,changed our tunes-literally.Rene was nick'named "The Karaoke Granny" because of her many karaoke appearances.Rene' recently had a cancer scare,but all is well, but had half her thyroid removed.Before the surgery,her brother helped her record all of her songs, just in the event that she might lose her voice.Well, GOD spared it ,and she is able to keep doing what she loves.Our music is being made available for your listening through many avenues.Please visit and share with whoever may benefit from, our messages.Thank you so much-The Promise Of Peace.

We also just started sharing our music on You Tube!!  We have many new videos.Please visit and share.


Our Mission:To Promote Peace through Positive,Uplifting Spiritual Music.Words can make a Difference,Music can change the World.